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Qualifiers from Dhofar for 2nd round of innovation award announced

Qualifiers from Dhofar for 2nd round of innovation award announced

Muscat – 

The projects of Donate, ECO Technology, WheelsOnMap, Smart Medical Shirt, and Loop the Lamps have created their way from Dhofar governorate to the second round of the OCCI Innovation Award 2019.

The projects have been announced final week as the leading 5 revolutionary projects out of 20 projects that participated in the award’s very first round from Dhofar.

During the second round of the OCCI Innovation Award, only two projects will be chosen to represent Dhofar governorate in the final stage of the award.

Donate project presented by Sarah Khalid al Najjar and Lubna Abdullah Khawar, is an application created to assist connect these who require blood donation with blood donors, although ECO Technology by Emad al Obiadoon is an revolutionary project that aims at water therapy by means of electrochemistry.

The thought of WheelsOnMap by Bernard Haber is to style an application that gives a easy way to search for wheelchair-accessible locations like hotels, parks, restaurants, and so on by means of an on the internet map.

The Smart Medical Shirt by Ahmed Aqeel Barham is primarily based on designing a intelligent healthcare shirt that is capable of measuring blood stress, electrocardiography (ECG), and blood temperature. Loop the Lamps project aims at recycling lamps to preserve the atmosphere from pollution triggered by throwing of broken lamps and, at the identical time, appear to create higher-high quality wellness tools rather than importing them. The OCCI Innovation Award aims to motivate the youth by building their revolutionary tips.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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