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Private sector to play key role to realise 2040 vision: OCCI chief

Private sector to play important part to realise 2040 vision: OCCI chief

Yousef stated, “The private sector plays an important role in many countries of the developed world by attracting investment and technology transfer that contributes to providing more job opportunities to the youth.”

Yousef was addressing a gathering at the Oman Convention &amp Exhibition Centre on the second and final day of Oman 2040 Vision conference, on Monday.

He stated that some of the vision’s aims are facilitating the perform atmosphere, identifying the part of private and government sectors, regulating perform and productivity and producing financial choices rapidly.

Dr Julio C Saavedra, senior policy advisor at the Office of the Advisor for Studies and Research at the Diwan of Royal Court, stated, “The sultanate has witnessed excellent improvement in the final 50 years in places such as education, transport and communications. Omani youths are the primary drivers of Oman 2040 Vision .There are about 30,000 to 50,000 Omani youths who join the workforce each year.

“The private sector plays a bigger role in recruiting these young people. Modern technology will have a tangible impact in the private sector. There are around 1.7mn expatriate workers in Oman. The private sector should trust Omani youths and give them the opportunity to work.”

Keiko Honda, executive vice president and chief executive officer of the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency, stated, “Oman is characterised by stability and safety. It has good education infrastructure. It can provide a lot of jobs to the youth. Oman must diversify the economy in partnership with the government and private sectors. I am pleased to see the preliminary Oman 2040 Vision document and efforts of the government in implementing it.”

Speaking to Muscat Daily
, Eng Mohammed bin Salem al Busaidi, chairman of the Youth and Human Resources Committee of the Shura Council and member of the People and Society Committee in Oman 2040 Vision, stated, “Oman will achieve the vision goals because there is a determination among everyone to achieve them. Oman has infrastructure to help achieve those goals.”

Dr Said bin Hamed bin Said al Rubaie, secretary common of the Education Council and chairman of People and Society Committee in Oman 2040 Vision, stated, “There is a difference between Vision 2020 and 2040. The fundamental difference is the social participation of all segments of society in Vision 2040. Oman has lots of talents and the abilities of the youth can help achieve the goals of 2040 vision.”

Dr Rahma bint Ibrahim al Mahrouqi, deputy vice chancellor for Postgraduate Studies and Research at Sultan Qaboos University and member of the People and Society Committee in Oman 2040 Vision, stated, “Altogether 22,000 people participated in the formation of Vision 2040. The vision is very ambitious. I believe that cooperation between the private sector, civil society organisations and the government will help achieve the objectives of this vision. Youths are most involved as they attended all the events of Oman 2040 Vision.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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