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Portal raises RO144,016 in first 15 days of Ramadan

Portal raises RO144,016 in first 15 days of Ramadan

The portal has raised RO144,016 in the first 15 days of the holy month, whilst a total of RO164,340 was raised till midday of May 22.

In the first 15 days of Ramadan, the portal had raised RO118,600 in 2018, RO67,653 in 2017, and RO70,762 in 2016.

Collection typically picks up in the final ten days of Ramadan, and it is anticipated that a lot more donations will pour in as days go by.

Ramadan is the most essential month for raising funds via the portal, and the final handful of years have been testimony to the truth. While 2018 was a record year in the course of Ramadan with RO326,440 raised, just before that 2014 was the record year in the course of the holy month with RO290,642 collected.

The collection in Ramadan of 2017 had touched RO252,784.63, followed by RO214,365 in 2016, whilst in 2015 it was RO173,266. In 2013, it was RO63,311, RO41,561 in 2012 and RO74,336 in 2011.

The Information Technology Authority (ITA) is continuing its promotion campaign for on the internet donation ( via the portal all through the holy month of Ramadan.

Supported by 27 charitable organisations, the portal was established with the aim of leveraging info technologies to gather donations via a unified single gateway with out the require to go to each and every organisation separately.

The portal facilitates the procedure of donation inside seconds to make sure that the quantity reaches the concerned charity organisation.

It also gives the widest feasible coverage of geographical region in the sultanate contributing in the delivery of donations to nearby charities utilizing modern day technologies as an electronic payment gateway.

In addition, the total donations created via the ITA portal till date have amounted to RO3,750,910, with the quantity of donors reaching about 150,000.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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