Monday, 20 Mar 2023
‘Pay and park’ system at Al Sahwa Park from next month: Municipality

‘Pay and park’ system at Al Sahwa Park from next month: Municipality

In the previous, motorists and guests to the park had asked the authorities that a correct system ought to be place in location as there are several who leave their autos parked there for days.

They had requested the authorities to intervene and segregate slots for buses, taxis as effectively as private automobiles with some even calling for the installation of parking meters.

According to the municipality, all motorists making use of the parking facilities have to spend at the meters. “Anyone who wants to park his or her car will have to pay. It will be operationalised beginning September,” a municipality official told Muscat Daily.

Many have expressed their happiness on the move saying that order will prevail now.

Mohsin Rashid, a bus driver who makes use of the facilities nearly each day, stated, “There is no proper order in place. Buses, taxis and private vehicles are just parked randomly in the area. I believe once the system is in place, there will be order.”

Al Sahwa Park is situated close to the Rusayl roundabout, which is a single of the busiest intersections in the city. Many folks who take buses to attend perform in oil fields park their autos close to the park for days.

“Often, I see autos covered in dust parked for days. The owners are typically these functioning in oil fields in the interiors  who leave their autos for weeks as per their comfort. As a outcome, park goers struggle to locate parking slots.

“I am happy now that I will be able to find a slot to park my vehicle easily as motorists will have to pay from next month onwards,” Jamila al Asmi, a Mawaleh resident who visits the park nearly each week, stated.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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