Saturday, 1 Apr 2023
Pact signed to set up vocational workshops

Pact signed to set up vocational workshops

Funding will consist of the establishment of vocational workshops in the field of thermal printing and packaging for kids of Al Wafa Rehabilitation Centre. The project aims to aid 23 kids, supply vocational rehabilitation service and contribute to lowering the behavioural difficulties of centre’s kids by means of these workshops.

Mohammed bin Humaid al Kalbani, director of Social Development Department in the wilayat of Ibri stated, “The project will include the establishment of training and rehabilitation halls for the children of Al Wafa Rehabilitation Centre in Ibri. It aims to rehabilitate and train children to acquire behaviours and skills that help them to produce and market their products. The signing of this agreement is part of a series of partnerships with the private sector to support many vital and targeted projects that we are keen to support it.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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