Sunday, 2 Apr 2023
Over 450,000 visit festival events

Over 450,000 go to festival events

Figures released by the municipality show that 457,581 folks visited the festival in the final 16 days. Naseem Gardens received 228,237 guests, although 205,217 visited Amerat Park. The other festival venues received 24,127 guests.

The events of the festival take spot at Naseem Gardens, Amerat Park, the speedway of Oman Automobile Association in Seeb and Royal Opera House Muscat, amongst other people.

Amerat Park has a trade fair, amusement park, electronic games, everyday fireworks show, stage shows, kiosks of private and public organisations, restaurants and reside concerts.

The Naseem Gardens venue has exhibitions, customer fairs, a mini village, children’s theatre, amusement parks, electronic games, everyday fireworks displays, folk shows, stalls and restaurants.

The festival has attracted guests from the Gulf states and beyond who have praised it.

Abdullah al Enazi, from Qatar, stated, “I am happy to attend Muscat Festival. The events are wonderful. Oman is known as a country of peace and its people are known for their hospitality. Muscat Festival offers lectures, seminars, poetry evenings, exhibitions, documentaries and a series of local and international sports events.”

Another visitor, Yousef al Jabri from the UAE, stated, “The festival offers a diverse mix of fun and excitement for everyone. It conducts numerous activities such as Children’s Theatre, educational programmes, plays, cultural competitions, electronic games, aerobics and water games.”

For Tunisian visitor Fatima Badri, the festival reflects the cultural richness of the sultanate and how it upholds its heritage and traditions. “The events of Amerat Park caught my attention. I have seen three different generations at the Heritage Village which shows the efforts being made to preserve the traditions and folklore, and spreading it among successive generations,” Fatima stated.

The mix of standard arts and cultural events with entertainment and loved ones enjoyable activities at the festival showcases the diversity and beauty of Oman, according visitor Yasmin Gracey from Egypt. “It is great to see Arab, African and European countries participating in it, allowing visitors an opportunity to explore various cultures offered by participating countries,” Yasmin stated.

The festival is open from 4pm to 11pm on weekdays, and from 4pm to midnight on weekends. Organisers have installed boards to show directions to the different events on the festival grounds outdoors Naseem Gardens and Amerat Park.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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