Friday, 31 Mar 2023
Over 300 global campaigns to boost tourist inflow

Over 300 global campaigns to boost tourist inflow

The ministry added that tourist representative offices organised promotional campaigns in cooperation with travel and marketing agencies.
In 2018, the ministry held 121 such campaigns such as 28 in the GCC nations, 21 in India, 20 in France, 19 in Germany, 17 in the UK, 13 in the Netherlands,  and 3 in Italy.

In 2017, 86 promotional campaigns had been held such as 35 in the Netherlands, 18 in Germany,  13 in India, 12 in the UK, and 4 each and every in the GCC nations and France. In 2016 the ministry held 108 promotional campaigns such as 46 in France, 35 in the GCC nations, 11 in India, eight in the Netherlands, 5 in Italy and 3 in Germany.

The ministry is targeting non-conventional supply markets like Russia, China and Iran whose citizens can now get visa on arrival or an eVisa.
MoT has plans of establishing tourist representative offices in Iran and China although an workplace in Russia was opened late final year.

In the GCC, Saudi Arabia remains 1 of the greatest supply markets and the ministry is creating efforts to attract much more vacationers from the nation. MoT presently promotes tourism in international markets by means of its eight representative offices covering 15 nations.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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