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Over 20 drifters held in March; experts stress on awareness

Over 20 drifters held in March; experts stress on awareness

Automobile experts opine that the only way to deter youth from such activities is by spreading awareness proper from schools and via parents and guardians.

The North Batinah Police Command seized 4 autos that had been modified for drifting in the wilayat of Saham on March 7.

In an additional case, a individual was arrested on March 25 right after he posted a video on social media driving at a speed of 180kmph. In the third case, Mirbat Police Station arrested two citizens on charges of drifting, speeding and attempting to escape from police on March 22.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Rashid al Balushi, founder and GM of Motorcycles Learning Center mentioned that drifting accidents take place mostly due to lack of awareness and unavailability of sufficient and correct tracks and circuits. “Practising drifting in a non-safe environment is very dangerous and it only leads to dangerous consequences. The Oman Automobile Association (OAA) encourages people to attend drifting courses where they can practise their skills and realise their passion.”

Rashid also urged youth to come forward and participate in drifting competitions rather than practising on public roads and in residential places. “Besides being dangerous, practising drifting in unallocated areas will never help improve skills. Random drifting will only increase the number of accidents and casualties.”
Motor sports coach, Ali al Balushi from OAA mentioned most autos utilized for drifting are unlicensed.

“Youth in their enthusiasm compromise on safety and end up hurting others and themselves. OAA is open to Omani youth interested in motorsports activities such as drifting, karting, go-karting and racing.”

According to Ali joining OAA is the greatest way for the youth to practise their favourite motorsport legally. “Members from our association also visited some wilayats in the sultanate such as Sohar and Ibri to spread awareness regarding practising one’s hobby in the presence of professionals and in allocated spaces.”

Ali also spoke of a campaign that the association is preparing this summer season. “We will launch a campaign to raise awareness regarding safe driving and practising motorsports only in designated places this summer. It is important for members of the community and especially students to understand the dangers involved in indulging in sports such as drifting in residential areas.”

Meanwhile, ROP has referred to as on all citizens and residents to report such activities at the nearest police stations.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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