Sunday, 2 Apr 2023
Over 100 take part  in astronomy camp

Over 100 take part in astronomy camp

The 3-day camp was aimed at introducing astronomy, observing the moon and planets, identifying the varieties of telescopes and instilling the culture of astronomy amongst kids, mentioned Salim al Omari, head of all-natural conservation in the Environment and Climate Affairs Department in Dakhliyah governorate.

The occasion also integrated the distribution of blankets to participants to beat the cold. More than 100 folks participated in the camp. There was also an astronomical cultural competitors for the kids and prizes had been distributed to the winners to encourage them to adore astronomy.

Omari mentioned, “Oman has announced through a Royal Decree that it will establish region’s first starlight reserve in Dakhliyah governorate. The reserve will be a boon for astronomy lovers as well as people who want to bask under a starlit sky far from any light pollution.”

MECA is preparing to set up astronomical camps and events to attract vacationers and amateur astronomers from about the planet, he added.

The starlight reserve will aid astronomers see a clear sky and facilitate astronomical and scientific analysis.

It will also attract vacationers interested in stargazing and evening sky photography.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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