Monday, 20 Mar 2023
Order Pakistani mangoes online from the sultanate

Order Pakistani mangoes online from the sultanate

Speaking to the press at Al Falaj Hotel, M Asif Rasheed, COO of Cargo Express mentioned, “Pakistan has over thousand varieties of mangoes and only a few varieties reach Oman. More than 50 varieties of mangoes will be available on our website (http://www.expressline and people from Oman can order any amount, any time. It will take about 20 hours to reach your doorstep and there will be no extra charges for the service.”

He added that the mangoes will be all fresh from the farm and additional precautions will be taken in packaging so none of the fruits will be broken.

The price of the mangoes will differ as per the kinds and quantity. Approximately it will price RO4 for 3kg. The mangoes will be obtainable round the year.

There will also be a mango festival to showcase the numerous varieties of mangoes from Pakistan at Al Falaj Hotel on July 10. The aim is to exhibit and give clients an chance to taste distinct kinds of mangoes.

Syed Aftab Gilani, organiser of Mango Fiesta mentioned, “The Pakistani mangoes are globe renowned and are mostly from the Sind area. In Oman, you usually see mangoes from India but the Indian mango season is May-June whilst in Pakistan it is from June to September.

“Also there are more varieties of mangoes in Pakistan than in India, Brazil, Thailand and Kenya. The aim of the festival is to introduce the best of the royal fruit to the country and also to form a healthy trade relationship in food and agriculture.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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