Tuesday, 21 Mar 2023
Oman’s contribution to UN is of great value, says president

Oman’s contribution to UN is of excellent worth, says UNGA president

In an interview with Muscat Daily
, María, who was in Oman final week, stated, “I attach great value to the contribution of Oman towards the work of United Nations in many areas as a member state which is committed to multilateralism, international law and the peaceful settlement of disputes. We need countries that support diplomatic solutions for today’s complex challenges through dialogue, moderation and mutual respect and Oman is one of them.”

For attaining peace in the Middle East which appears to be a in no way-ending concern following the US moved its embassy to Jerusalem, María stated that peace and safety in the area is a single of the excellent challenges, such as the concern of Palestine. “I am aware that Oman has been playing a very constructive role in this regard. I know, for instance, that Oman is currently offering ideas to help Israel and the Palestinians to come together, although not acting as mediator.”

On what Oman can do to aid accomplish peace in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, she stated, “I would encourage initiatives that seek to defuse tensions and promote dialogue with both parties and all relevant stakeholders towards a peaceful, comprehensive, just and durable solution for this thorny issue. I look forward to continuing our joint efforts to work closer together and achieve the common goal of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

She stated that as the UN maintains its commitment to multilateral relations although proposing a quantity of vital and pressing reforms for an ever a lot more connected planet, Oman’s contribution is of excellent worth in several places.

María was in Oman to hold meetings on multilateralism, the priorities of the present session of UNGA, such as ladies and youth empowerment, as effectively as cooperation in between Oman and the UN. She also delivered a lecture on ‘The importance of multilateralism and the role of the General Assembly in the maintenance on international peace and security’ at the National Defence College.

Speaking about the largest threats to worldwide peace and safety now and how they could be addressed, María stated, “There are many challenges to peace and security today. The most important of all is the fact that we can only find real solutions by means of international cooperation and negotiation in which the UN has always a key role to play. I wish to emphasise the importance of prevention and of addressing the root causes of conflicts and how collective measures can be effective in this regard.”

On the most vital and pressing reforms that the UN need to go via in the subsequent 5 years, María stated that it is in the midst of a reform procedure that is vital in making certain its effectiveness, credibility and relevance in an increasingly troubled planet.

“The General Assembly has a central part in this complicated procedure, such as in the revitalisation of its personal function as the world’s most representative physique.

“Reform of the Security Council is at the top of that agenda, because member states believe that it is long overdue. I am working closely with them to move the process of reform forward.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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