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Omani researcher attends Baden-Wurttemberg meet

Omani researcher attends Baden-Wurttemberg meet

Muscat – 

After taking element in the activities of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting for 2019, Dr Sausan al Riyami, renewable power researcher, at the Institute of Advanced Technology Integration (IATI) and EJAAD, joined the Baden-Wurttemberg Post Conference Program for Young Scientists in Germany. 

Out of the 200 young scientists who applied for this programme, Dr Sausan was amongst the 16 shortlisted to participate in this conference, which took spot from July five to 11. “I am proud to have the chance to represent Oman as a scientist and reflect our experience at an international level. I learned a lot from this programme,” Dr Sausan stated.

Participants visited the University of Konstanz, University of Freiburg, University of Tübingen, Ulm University, Institute for Quantum Optics, Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research, Karlsruhe Institute Technology, Heidelberg University, Max Plank Institute for Nuclear Physics and University Stuttgart.

The southwestern German city of Baden-Württemberg has the highest share of workers in study and improvement (R&ampD) intensive branches of business (17per cent). A share of four.9 per cent of the GDP is invested in R&ampD.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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