Friday, 31 Mar 2023
Omani invents eco-friendly alternative to plastic

Omani invents eco-friendly alternative to plastic

Now, he will take element in the Falling Walls Lab Conference in Berlin, Germany in November. Farsi, 21, a resident of Quriyat mentioned he worked on the project right after seeing atmosphere difficulties due to the usage of plastics.

“I got the idea for my project after taking a course in my college. We were asked to solve a problem about the spread of tiny plastic particles,” mentioned Farsi who is pursuing Geophysics in Geology division, College of Science, Sultan Qaboos University.

The alternative to plastic is grown from mycelium – networks of fungal or mushroom roots. In nature, fungi breaks down waste, such as old leaves, dead plants, and pieces of wood, and utilizes it to multiply. The concept is to harness this organic procedure and develop the mycelium into different shapes and structures.

“The result is a product that can be used instead of plastic products. It decays, is reusable, lighter and harder than plastic. The prototype is ready but I have to still conduct some more experiments to come out with a quality product. The name of this product is ‘Fung Plas Ment’, which means replacement of plastic by fungi. ‘Fung’ means fungi, ‘Plas’ is plastic and ‘Ment’ means replacement.”

Farsi has got a patent from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry for the solution.

“I won the first place in the Falling Walls Lab Oman competition. Altogether 20 participants took part. I will travel to Germany in November for the contest, which will see 100 participants from across the world.”

Regarding his solution, Farsi mentioned that Oman requirements options to plastic. “The environment is suffering due to the excessive use of plastic products in the country.”

Of future plans, he mentioned, “I need a laboratory to do my experiments. Also, I plan to produce my product on a commercial basis. I am hopeful that I will get more support once I make my mark in Germany. Researchers in Oman should take a lead in coming out with products which suit our needs.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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