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Omani designer’s handcrafted items on display at Crowne Plaza Muscat OCEC

Omani designer’s handcrafted items on display at Crowne Plaza Muscat OCEC

Arwa’s endeavour is to bring its clientele the finest handcrafted supplies from Oman, preserving higher top quality and selection all through the variety of their goods.
A showcasing of these goods is now on at Crowne Plaza Muscat OCEC.

The concept was conceived by Arwa al Musafir, an Omani style designer and owner of Arwa Boutique. Arwa is proud of her Omani heritage and has steered her passion into making Omani crafts and handicrafts.

The principal items that are frequently gifted or taken as souvenirs from the sultanate and are tremendously treasured by foreigners abroad are Omani coffee, frankincense and dates. For Arwa, what initially started as handcrafted packaging for dates and frankincense later diversified to contain Omani coffee and rose water from Jebel Akhdar. “What makes Omani coffee different from the rest is that it is defined by the method of preparation and flavours,” Arwa told Muscat Daily.

These handcrafted by house-primarily based businesswomen, bring to life the essence of Oman, completely packaged to be an best souvenir and present that is straightforward to grab and travel. Crowne Plaza OCEC was the very first out of numerous establishments to think in the vision and concept of Arwa al Musafir.

Approximately 3 months ago, collaboration among the hotel manager, Paul Schenk and executive chef, Thony Renard was formed to develop the completed solution that it is right now. The display is completely situated in the lobby, exactly where it grabs the focus of all these who verify in and out of the hotel.

Arwa’s handmade Omani crafts stand out from the rest since of the uniqueness of the craft and the authenticity of the solution. These goods are beautifully handmade with no plastic packaging. A purely nearby present that captures the essence of Oman, a excellent present to mark the finish of one’s keep.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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