Saturday, 25 Mar 2023
Omani continues charity streak, collects essential goods for Yemen

Omani continues charity streak, collects crucial goods for Yemen

“It all started with a dream of a man called Al Habib Omar bin Hafdil from Yemen. I saw him a couple of times in my dream. He was not seeking any help but asking me to come to Yemen. Later, I happened to meet him in real life in Yemen. It was strange that he looked the same as the man in my dream. You can call it a coincidence but for me it was a trigger,” he mentioned. Jadhami is now prepared to send 15 trucks of crucial things to the war-ravaged individuals of Yemen this month.

Along with meals things, mattresses and blankets, other crucial things contain maternity beds, 50 wheelchairs, 30 hospital beds and child milk powder. These things will be utilized to furnish a hospital in Yemen so that individuals do not have to travel outdoors the nation for therapy.

“I have been sending charity items to many countries for the past 11 years, however this is the first time I will be sending such a big consignment. Previously, I used to send clothes, dates and Q’uran. However, since 2017, I sent aid to Yemen five times and this is the third time I am sending medical assistance for them. We started on a very small-scale but gradually with time we have increased the number of items,” he mentioned.

People from all walks of life contributed to the result in. “While some gave blankets and food items there were many who even offered their house as a godown for the things to be stored. The Ministry of Health in Yemen has given us a list of immediate necessities and we are working to get them ready. I am also thankful to my team and other volunteers working with me on this project,” he mentioned.

Each truck will carry a load of 45 tonnes. It will take about 3 days to attain the nation. Jadhami mentioned he is also operating with the Oman Charitable Organization to send the things.

Those interested in donating can make contact with Nasr al Jadhami at 96687441. For a lot more details on Nasr al Jadhami’s function watch the video.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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