Monday, 20 Mar 2023
Omani company embarks on creating training opportunities for job seekers

Omani company embarks on creating training opportunities for job seekers

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Dr Omar bin Hilal al Ma’amari, founder of ‘My Experience’ and group chairman of Al Ma’amari International Group for Trade and Industry, stated, “The My Experience project aims to provide a platform for job seekers, new graduates and entrepreneurs to get involved in the market through practical methods. We want to give them practical experience to further their professional careers.”

He added, “The duration of the project will be two months for a group to specialise in Information Technology (IT) and Business Administration. Fifty job seekers and graduates will be selected every two months to join the project. In addition to Information Technology and Business Administration they will also gain experience in the process of selling products.” Each participant will be paid a month-to-month allowance and a certificate upon the completion of the project.

Speaking about the factors for launching the initiative, he stated, “Often job seekers endure and institutions also face troubles when attempting to meet the targets of employment. It’s essential to realize the rights and duties of workers. We have to contemplate expectations of the employers as effectively. It is consequently essential that each sides are in a position to realize and satisfy every other’s wants.

“Job seekers in the labour market suffer as they don’t have practical skills that qualify them for work. They lack basic skills in the field of entrepreneurship, in the management of individuals or institutions, budgets or equipment.”

The project will offer a friendly understanding and perform atmosphere for job seekers. The project will concentrate on the simple scientific and sensible expertise required for jobs, wants of private establishments, behavioural ideas needed by the private sector – job discipline and accuracy in overall performance – Omani Labour Law, entrepreneurial spirit, and creating tiny and medium enterprises.

“We hope to get the services of experts in IT, management, kinesics [body language], economy, law and accounting,” Dr Ma’amari stated.

Al Ma’amari International Group for Trade and Industry is a group of organizations operating in different service sectors. It was established in 2003 below Commercial Register. The group these days contains a team of consultants and professionals in the fields of Information Technology and Business Management.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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