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Omani boy realises dream of football training in UK

Omani boy realises dream of football training in UK

Mohammed returned on Sunday following a week’s training with the existing English Premier League champions Manchester City.

In truth, Mohammed had two dreams – studying English at the British Council and going to Manchester for football training.

His journey to realise his dreams started when he began saving beginning from 100bz.

“Any amount I got I would just drop in my piggy bank. I had planned to open it on the day when I could pay for both an English course and enrolment at a football academy. In fact my dream was to go to Manchester to learn football,” Mohammed stated.



From absolutely nothing, Mohammed went on to save RO222 till June when he decided to strategy the British Council for the course.

He set aside half the quantity for the English course and the rest to discover football. Mohammed then asked his guardian to take him for registration at the British Council exactly where employees have been amazed by the tiny funds bills and coins he handed more than to them. They have been curious to know the story behind so several tiny bills he was holding.

Mohammed stated he was satisfied to have produced a option to join the British Council as his English enhanced drastically with just a two-week course.

Officials at the British Council have been so satisfied with his determination that they provided him an additional two-week course for totally free.



Mohammed’s opportunity to go to Manchester City club came via Al Habsi Football School (HFS). And on Sunday, he returned with all smiles. “I am very happy to have realised my dreams. After my story on the English course got published in the media, the Ministry of Sports Affairs and HFS supported me in achieving my other dream – learning football in Manchester.”

He stated that the trip benefitted him immensely in becoming a far better football player. “My family and friends are happy. The coaches there were very professional. The training was fantastic which has helped me improve my skills, especially how to control the ball. I hope to get more such chances so that I become an international player.”

Mohammed stated that he was thankful to all these who supported him specifically his family members. “I thank them for giving me this golden chance which I will never forget. I’ll do my best to become an international football player.”

Zahra Zayid Ali al Saidi, Mohammed’s elder sister, stated, “I am so proud of Mohammed and excited at the same time to see him again with a new dream which makes him feel very precious to his family and society. Well, my happiness can’t be described through words because of the feelings that I have for him. I wish him all the best in his future endeavours.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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