Monday, 20 Mar 2023
Omani boy picks litter after Dhofar-Sur match, wins hearts

Omani boy picks litter after Dhofar-Sur match, wins hearts

As Salalah giants Dhofar Club celebrated its fourth title after crushing Sur four- and spectators began leaving, Mazyad bin Khalifa bin Salim al Mazidi can be noticed choosing litter and placing it in a plastic bag in the video.

The act was filmed by a match attendant and quickly the video went viral on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp.
Mazyad’s loved ones as well watched the act on 1 of the social media platforms. “Mazyad is a very obedient boy and believes in cleanliness. He likes to have everything in order. We were not surprised by the act. He does it at home without anyone telling him to do so,” Zayid bin Salim al Mazidi, the boy’s uncle, told Muscat Daily



Mazidi stated that several individuals which includes sports personalities known as the loved ones to congratulate. “We were contacted by Sayyid Khalid al Busaidi, chairman, Oman Olympic Committee, Sheikh Salim al Wahaibi, chairman of the Oman Football Association as well as other associations to honour Mazyad.”

Mazidi stated that every person is proud of Mazyad and this will send out a great message to other kids. “It was not a planned act. In fact, those who say it was planned, I can assure that the person who shot the video is not from our family. We are proud of him. We hope the video instils the same good habit among other kids as well as adults.”

Sayyid Khalid met Mazyad to honour him. On his twitter deal with, Sayyid Khalid, stated, “I was delighted to meet Mazyad, who has been the talk of the community in the past few days. Thank you for your adherence to the culture of hygiene.”
For these who have noticed the video, they had been complete of praise for Mazyad and congratulated not only him but his parents.
“The video is clear that no one told him to do so. I congratulate his parents. He has shown other children on how to go about it. If we catch them young, our country will be free of litter,” Najma Jaber, a private sector employee, stated.

Others stated the boy deserves praise. “I saw the video and showed it to my children. I will use this video as a teaching tool to instil the culture of cleanliness in my children. Good job Mazyad,” Sleyyem Khalaf, former Fanja goalkeeper and a father of 5 kids, stated.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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