Monday, 20 Mar 2023
Omani boosts sustainability ratings at German firm

Omani boosts sustainability ratings at German firm

Hawra al Maimani, throughout her secondment, was involved with a quantity of sustainability and CSR initiatives and also worked closely to upgrade OXEA’s ratings in Ecovadis, a top sustainability rating platform for the chemical market in Europe that clients use to evaluate the sustainability activities of their suppliers.

“Right from the initial assessment, OXEA earned the silver medal (54 points) and was rated as 1 of the best 17 per cent suppliers evaluated on the exact same platform. Incremental improvements have been produced in the following years to effectively accomplish the gold ranking (2017:55), (2018:58), an achievement which the organization witnessed this year.

“This achievement highlights our commitment towards sustainability and supports us to build stronger relationships that are built on trust and transparency with our business partners,” Hawra mentioned.

A graduate of the German University of Technology (GUtech) in Muscat, Hawra’s prior exposure to the German language and culture paved the way for creating new friendship. “Being exposed to the German culture through university excursions and basic language courses, I found it easier to get to know people better,” she mentioned.

“I am very proud of all our Omani secondees who went through the experience. “They are adding value to Oman. Hawra achieved the highest rating throughout her secondment years and was able to complete her MBA as well. I am very proud of Hawra and I am sure she would be a great asset to any team,” mentioned Dr Salim al Huthaili, CEO, Duqm Refinery.

Hawra added, “It was my initial time to reside abroad for such a extended period. I had to discover how to grow to be independent and hold complete duty of each aspect in my life. I had to create new habits and give up some old ones.

“This experience was a heart and mind-opener since I was out of my comfort zone and learnt extensively about new cultures, places, and people.”

Dr Oliver Borgmeier, COO of OXEA, mentioned, “We were very happy to have Hawra strengthen our sustainability team and moving our initiatives forward. She has been a great ambassador for Oman.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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