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Omani authors hail Jokha’s achievement

Omani authors hail Jokha’s achievement

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Majid al Suleimany

I am extremely pleased to hear this great news. This is a higher point for Omani authors, writers and columnists. It is excellent that our operates are getting recognised and acknowledged and appreciated. The award is a plus point for us Arab writers specifically who create in English to be heard internationally. This is like a Ramadan present to Oman. I give her my greatest regards and compliments and I congratulate her from the bottom of my heart. We are all pleased.

Khalfan al Tauqi

It is so excellent to see an Omani getting the initial Arabic writer to win such a huge award. Oman ought to be proud of such writers. The nation ought to use this achievement to market itself. There is a require for Oman to be promoted by means of literature and Dr Jokha has just carried out that. She is an instance for us to be much more active and market Oman by means of writing. We all have to add much more to the award and be much more proactive to make Oman proud. Because of Dr Jokha, the name Oman is trending all more than social media and the planet. This is an extraordinary feat for all Omanis. To make the award much more impactful the nation ought to also honour this lady and highlight her achievements each in Oman and the area so as to inspire other people.

Maimuna al Wahaibi

I am extremely pleased on this win of an Omani writer since it is the initial time an Arab lady has won this award. The win also came with the help of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said’s help for Omani ladies. I think that this win will market sultanate as a tourist location amongst other nations.

Saud Hamoud

Dr Jokha Alharthi deserves this win since she has worked difficult for years. Winning is great news for all, Arabs and Oman in specific. It is also a motivation for each and every writer to innovate. This award will also encourage cultural entities to help much more Omani writers. The win will also market the significance of translating operates of Omani writers into other languages.

Hamoud al Kalbani

This achievement is the pride of each and every Omani and Arab author. Obtaining this award confirms that Arabic writing has a prestigious position. It confirms that an international award can be obtained by means of difficult perform and diligence. The achievement will also encourage each and every Omani writer to innovate and participate in international competitions and translate their perform from Arabic to English.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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