Saturday, 25 Mar 2023
Omani adventurers cycle 879km to promote tourism

Omani adventurers cycle 879km to promote tourism

Both Noah Salim al Kalbani, 26, and Ghaith Hamad Salim al Bahri, 25, hail from the wilayat of Ibri in Dhahirah governorate.
Speaking to Muscat Daily
, Kalbani stated, “Ghaith and I love adventure and sports. We started supporting adventure tourism two years ago by discovering different parts of Oman.”

The journey started on August 20 at 8am from Nizwa in Dakhliyah and ended in Salalah, Dhofar on August 27 at 4pm.
Talking about the preparation, he stated, “We began preparing for the trip two months ago. We worked on our fitness levels and cycled at distinct instances in the day.

“We practised cycling for four hours daily. We had safety equipment, tent, water, beverages and canned food to last through the journey. It started in Nizwa, passing through Ghaba, Haima, Muqshin, Qatbit, Thumrait and ending in Salalah.”
Kalbani stated the trip aimed to promote tourism and discover Oman’s wilayats. “We faced many challenges such as raising funds. We overcame all problems with determination, patience and endurance.”

Talking about the security measures, he stated, “We carried first-aid box throughout the trip. We thank the ROP for their support.”
On future plans, Kalbani stated, “We are planning more such  trips to promote Oman’s tourism. We will organise a 570km cycling tourney in some of the wilayats to celebrate the 49th National Day and another trip that will include the GCC countries. Our family has supported us wholeheartedly all these years. We hope to get financial support to achieve our goal of travelling all over the world.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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