Monday, 20 Mar 2023
Oman ranks high in ensuring environment sustainability

Oman ranks high in ensuring environment sustainability

57th. Ahmed bin Mubarak al Salti, director of Planning and Studies Department at the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs (MECA), stated that the ministry constantly research the environmental scenarios and operates to amend the regulations according to the regulatory needs to make sure environmental sustainability, in addition to contributing to the improvement in the field.

MECA also develops environmental legislation and intensifies environmental handle. The ministry has formed operating groups to disseminate environmental information and statistics on its site and social networking web sites and updates them constantly in coordination with the National Centre for Statistics and Information.

Salti stated that publishing and updating documented statistics is 1 of the most crucial techniques to assist Oman emerge as needed in the competitiveness reports issued by numerous international organisations.

He stressed that the sultanate started early in the improvement of plans and techniques which aimed at defending the environment and the assessment and management of pollution and locating suitable options to preserve biodiversity and the use of sources in a sustainable manner.

Fatima bint Abdullah al Saadi, head of the Open Data Team, stated that the sophisticated assesment for the sultanate was also the outcome of the open information service offered by the ministry the service can permit any person to use information freely without having any technical, economic or legal restrictions.

The service is offered by the ministry in order to market transparency and public participation to enhance the efficiency of government solutions and ease of access to information for analysis and research, she stated.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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