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Oman ranked second among 151 countries in global wellness list

Oman ranked second amongst 151 nations in international wellness list

This trend is evident in the newest assessment on international living requirements that attempt to gauge how healthful, satisfied and effective humans are, based on exactly where they reside.

The Global Wellness Index published by investment firm LetterOne, ranks Canada as the very best nation out of the 151 nations. Asian nations dominate the leading 10 spots: the Philippines (four), the Maldives (five), Singapore (7), Laos (eight), South Korea (9) and Cambodia (10). The other two in leading ten becoming Iceland (three) and the Netherlands (six).

Oman is the runner-up with optimistic indicators across the board, except for a slight hitch in obesity and level of depression, the index stated. In the general list, a number of significant economies struggle when ranked against smaller sized, healthier nations. The US trails far behind, coming in at 37.

In the ranking of G-20 nations combined with the 20 most populous nations on the planet, South Africa comes final, beneath Ukraine, Egypt and Iraq.

The Indigo Wellness Index tracks the world’s healthiest nations across ten important measures. The index is a single of the initial extensive international wellness indices to be published, covering more than 150 nations, compared to the current Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development index, which aggregates information from fewer than 50 nations.

The Indigo Wellness Index draws on findings as diverse as the World Health Organization, the World Happiness Report, and public wellness information.

The index focuses on ten important metrics: blood stress, blood glucose, obesity, depression, happiness, alcohol use, tobacco use, physical exercise, healthful life expectancy, and government spending on healthcare. The US and Japan also score surprisingly low, and sit outdoors the leading 25, held back by poor scores on obesity and blood stress.

The UK, with the fifth highest GDP ranking globally, comes in at 16th location, although the Maldives comes in at fourth location regardless of possessing a reduce GDP ranking at 169th position.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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