Friday, 31 Mar 2023
Oman Post announces pact with international company

Oman Post announces pact with international organization

The announcement was created in the course of The Delivery Conference (TDC Global) held in London. Asendia Global’s worldwide network, combined with a nearby presence and worldwide experience, will assist Oman Post expand its express delivery and eCommerce fulfillment networks to compete internationally.

The occasion saw participation of business leaders who discussed subjects ranging from delivery, client expertise and expectation, to cross-border trade, logistics and provide chain methods. At the conference, Oman Post’s CEO, Abdulmalik Albalushi emphasised the sultanate’s special position in between east and west, creating it an emerging trade and logistics hub.

“Oman’s advantageous geography tends to make it a hub of quicker connectivity in between main international shipping routes. There is accessibility for all implies of transport – air, sea and land. Boasting globe-class transportation and logistics infrastructure, Oman is the very first in the Arab globe and eighth globally for the high quality of roads, and has enhanced 5 locations to 43rd on the World Bank’s report on logistics efficiency.

“All of these factors combined with a stable economic growth and outlook means Oman is increasingly becoming the gateway to the growing Middle East market.”

Albalushi added that the Gulf Cooperation Council is the quickest-expanding industry in the Middle East and also the most created, with a combined GDP of US$1.4tn.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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