Friday, 31 Mar 2023
Oman planning to rollout 5G services this year

Oman preparing to rollout 5G solutions this year

Organised in cooperation with the British Embassy, the chance has laid the foundation for the improvement of Oman’s 5G roadmap by permitting the delegation to obtain on-the-ground experience as effectively as forge crucial contacts with UK policymakers, regulators and investors.

The team of officials integrated Ian Dench, CEO, Ooredoo, Eng Said Abdullah al Ajmi, vice president of Operations at Omantel, senior representatives from the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC), Oman Broadband Company, Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs, Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources, Suhar Municipality, Muscat Municipality and Dhofar Municipality.

Dench mentioned, “It was an honour to accompany Dr Hamed and the Omani delegation on this crucial tour. We are extremely excited about bringing our 5G Supernet to Oman. Having just obtained our 5G spectrum, we are currently exploring the implementation of operational trials, which includes urban testing.

“And in just the last few days, Ooredoo group successfully trialled the first international 5G call in the Arab world. This trip allowed us to gain expertise on 5G trial experiences, from industry leaders who have already been through the process.”

Eng Ajmi mentioned, “Adoption of 5G technology forms the cornerstone in the Omantel technology roadmap. We conducted several successful trials and live 5G tests throughout the past two years while preparing Omantel transmission and access networks for the anticipated commercial launch of 5G later this year. This visit provided us with a valuable opportunity to learn more about global 5G experiences and network with relevant stakeholders in the UK.”

Dr Saoud al Shoaili, director basic of Communications and Postal Services at MoTC, mentioned, “This tour paved the way for the implementation of 5G in Oman. By working together with key entities from Oman, as well as other global organisations, we will make sure that we are able to develop the environment for innovative and state-of-the-art technology, which will support the communication needs of the future.”

Eng Yousef al Balushi, vice president for Spectrum Affairs at TRA, mentioned, “Our vision has always been to make sure that everyone in the sultanate has access to world-class telecommunication services. As an organisation, we understand the value of developing the industry through a market-driven environment and with 5G expected to hit the market in the near future, we are working together with industry leaders both in Oman and abroad to ensure we are ready. This tour was a fantastic opportunity for us to gain some insight, share knowledge and ultimately create a better way to keep everyone connected.”

H E Hamish Cowell, British Ambassador to Oman, mentioned, “I am delighted that the trade team at the British Embassy was able to help set up this important visit to share lessons on 5G policies, regulation and technologies. This next generation of telecom has the potential to revolutionise so many areas of our lives. I hope to see close ongoing collaboration between Oman and the UK to develop the opportunities for economic development and enhanced public services that 5G can bring.”

The programme was very carefully planned to cover 4 crucial function locations: regulatory, government, implementation and investment. The delegation met with Ofcom, the UK’s regulator for communication solutions, to obtain an insight into how it is managing the introduction of 5G from a regulatory point of view.

The delegation also met numerous crucial government representatives in charge of issuing licences for the installation of telecom towers and antennaes to hear about their expertise in obtaining prepared for the introduction of the new technologies.

The delegation also went to a quantity of 5G trial websites to see how they are getting coordinated and carried out at a grassroots level. This integrated a trip to the 5G Innovation Centre in Surrey to discover regardless of whether a comparable initiative could be launched in Oman. Representatives from the celebration also met with different UK vendors involved with 5G associated activities to discover future collaboration and partnership possibilities.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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