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Oman most improved nation in MENA in WEF’s travel and tourism survey

Oman most improved nation in MENA in WEF’s travel and tourism survey

Conducted biennially, the survey identified that Oman is MENA’s safest nation and general third in the globe. Oman ranks third in security and safety due to reduced homicides prices (19th in the globe), a dependable police force (5th), and low expenses of terrorism (7th) and crime (3rd).

Oman also recorded the region’s quickest improvement for its human sources and labour markets (103rd to 65th), and is amongst the most improved in international openness (116th to 97th), environmental sustainability (109th to 57th) and general infrastructure (60th to 52nd).

The leading 10 nations this year are: Spain, France, Germany, Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, Canada and Switzerland. India (40th to 34th) had the greatest improvement more than 2017 amongst the leading 25 per cent of all nations ranked in the report.

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) area substantially improved its T&ampT competitiveness given that the final edition of the TTCI. ‘With 12 of the 15 MENA economies covered by this year’s index escalating their score compared to 2017, the area was in a position to slightly outpace the international typical in competitiveness development. This is especially crucial offered that, in the aggregate, T&ampT accounts for a higher share of regional GDP than in any of the other 4 regions,’ stated the report.

Consequently, it is no surprise that the Middle East scores above the international and regional averages on indicators connected to enabling atmosphere and infrastructure, with especially higher ranks on ICT readiness and enterprise atmosphere. Nevertheless, the subregion does trail the globe and North Africa on T&ampT prioritisation and policy and organic and cultural sources.

This year, eight out of the Middle East’s 11 members improved their TTCI score given that 2017. In contrast, the UAE had the Middle East’s biggest decline, falling from 29th to 33rd, such as the greatest percentage decline in score on the Safety and Security pillar (falling from 2nd to 7th) and Ground and Port Infrastructure (19th to 31st) and the subregion’s only decline on Environmental Sustainability (40th to 41st).

Nevertheless, the nation remains in the lead in the Middle East and is MENA’s leading TTCI scorer, major on ICT readiness (4th), air transport (4th) and tourist service infrastructure (22nd).

Each nation receives a score in categories from enterprise atmosphere, security and safety, wellness and hygiene, human sources and labour industry and ICT readiness.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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