Saturday, 1 Apr 2023
Oman gets top honours at Doha innovation competition

Oman gets top honours at Doha innovation competition

The occasion, which was held from September 14-20, saw participation of six,176 innovators from 87 nations.

While Salim al Habsi and Mohammed al Habsi won gold medals, Khatib al Balushi bagged a silver medal.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Salim stated the occasion aimed to motivate young folks to innovate and boost their digital manufacturing expertise.

“I got a gold medal in the Renewable Energy Projects category for inventing a multi-use helmet for workers in the oil and gas sector. The helmet will contribute to the safety of workers by reducing injuries.”

It was a large competition as there had been more than six,000 entries, stated Mohammed. “I did not expect to be selected from among such elite inventors. I won the gold medal for my invention called Smart Concealer in the category of Technical Projects and Electronics. Smart Concealer will help regulate sun rays on glass windows in buildings and cars. It comes with an application that can be downloaded from the Internet.”

Khatib won the silver medal for his innovation to run fuel stations utilizing solar power. “I won the silver medal for my project to use solar energy as a power to run petrol stations in deserts.”

Khatib added that he was shocked at the win as he entered the contest fairly late. “I did not expect to receive an award as I entered the competition late.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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