Wednesday, 29 Mar 2023
Oman could play role to resolve India-Pakistan issues: Qureshi

Oman could play function to resolve India-Pakistan problems: Qureshi

Speaking to Muscat Daily
, Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, who is in Oman on a 3-day pay a visit to, mentioned, “Pakistan undoubtedly desires to normalise relations with India. India is our neighbour. We want peace and stability in the area. Oman enjoys great relations with India. We will completely accept if Oman can it ought to play its function to give India the self-assurance to engage with Pakistan.

“India has been shy, reluctant and hesitant to engage with Pakistan. I understand there are domestic issues. But once elections there are over, hopefully, there would be some engagements between Pakistan and India and Oman can facilitate that.”

During his pay a visit to, Qureshi is meeting higher-level officials to additional boost Pakistan-Oman relations. “I am here to lead the Pakistani delegation for the seventh session of the Joint Ministerial Commission. This is a step that will further enhance relations to promote investments in Pakistan and Oman as well as improve people-to-people contact.”

Qureshi mentioned that relations among Oman and Pakistan are historic. “They go back long time. We are proud of the fact that 30 per cent of Omanis have Baloch origin. There is a lot of religious, cultural and tribal relations that Oman has with Pakistan.”

He also mentioned that each nations take pleasure in geographic proximity. “Oman and Gwadar port are close to each other. There are lots of prospects in the future between the two countries.”

He mentioned that the volume of trade is not as huge as it ought to be. “The volume of trade is close to a billion dollars but it is not commensurate with the level of excellent political relations that we have. We need to improve upon it and I have discussed it with Oman’s officials. We also discussed regional issues and fortunately on most regional issues Oman and Pakistan have a commonality of vision.”

Visa-on-arrival for Omani guests to Pakistan quickly

Pakistan will problem visa-on-arrival to Omanis as element of its new policy. Qureshi mentioned the visa-on-arrival and e-visa policy will be implemented quickly.

The new visa policy enables citizens of 175 nations to apply for e-visas and 50 nations who are eligible for visa-on-arrival. “Amongst the citizens of 50 countries who will get visa-on-arrival, Omanis are one of them,” he mentioned.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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