Friday, 31 Mar 2023
Oman Avenues Mall offers Lexus UX 200 as part of campaign

Oman Avenues Mall offers Lexus UX 200 as part of campaign

To preserve the guests and their households entertained, the mall has planned a complete month of action-packed activities and entertaining games. Most of the activities have been planned for Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays among 6pm to 10pm.

Aimed at elevating the expertise of the guests to the mall, this year’s ‘Grand Celebrations’ also brings to life the ‘Chocolate Factory’ – a special, a single of a sort chocolate-primarily based activity zone for all the chocolate lovers.

Children can indulge in finishing chocolate-themed puzzles at the ‘puzzle art station’. At the ‘candy craft area’ they are supplied with art paper and colouring pens to sketch candy-primarily based stencils.

The ‘toffee luck section’ sponsored by Lulu Hypermarket is adorned with a special spin wheel exactly where kids throw darts on the wheel with distinct chocolates. The kid wins the chocolate on the image which the dart lands on.

Sponsored by Sweets of Oman, the ‘Chiko branded float’ is filled with loads of chocolates and kids get a opportunity to fill their hands with as numerous chocolates as feasible inside ten seconds. These activities take place on weekdays and weekends and supply an Instagram photo chance.

During the weekend, the hosts conduct fascinating games for kids on an hourly basis. Chocolate creating demonstrations and workshops from distinct brands from the mall and outdoors are part of the activities planned. Brands such as Lindt and Cake Talks have currently held demonstrations and hands-on workshop for kids.

Interactive session and other activities from Chocolate brands at the mall have been planned for the coming weekends along with a reside interactive workshop with Swiss chocolate Lindt’s master chocolatier and brand ambassador Matthew Muller show.

Derick Michael, common manager for Oman Avenues Mall stated, “The ‘Grand Celebrations’ campaign aims to connect with visitors which is why we chose Chocolate Factory as the theme, which appeals to children and adults alike.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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