Tuesday, 21 Mar 2023
Oman Air conducts workshops on IATA NDC

Oman Air conducts workshops on IATA NDC

NDC is the modernisation of a 40 year old information exchange regular for ticket distribution created prior to the Internet was invented. NDC is aimed at replacing the old protocol that has been about given that the 1980s and utilized by Global Distribution Systems (GDSs).

With the new NDC platform, the travel agents will now have a lot more possibilities to engage straight with the airline. More importantly, their earning energy will be improved as Oman Air’s NDC direct platform opens up a quantity of new fare goods and dynamic provides, which includes an growing assortment of ancillary solutions supplied by Oman Air, free of charge of expense for its travel agents to sell.

Oman Air’s Global Distribution Team organised these workshops along with the technologies companion TPConnects to make certain that the travel agents are nicely versed with Oman Air’s NDC enabled direct distribution.

Umesh Chhiber, senior vice president – Revenue Optimisation, Pricing &amp Distribution stated, “Oman Air generates significant revenue from travel agents and this is projected to grow further. The travel agency community is evolving to adapt to new consumer’s needs, and thanks to opportunities brought by modern technologies. Oman Air have heavily invested in NDC enabled Offer and Order Management and Distribution through TPConnects and is geared up to meet the needs of our travel agency community to satisfy the changing expectations of how our consumers shop, book and pay.”

The workshop in Muscat saw Oman Air’s CEO, Abdulaziz al Raisi and chief industrial officer Paul Starrs addressing the queries of the travel agents. The workshops have been dotted with item presentations, reside demonstration of NDC platform and Q&ampA sessions.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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