Saturday, 1 Apr 2023
OLC to implement National Occupational Standards

OLC to implement National Occupational Standards

According to OLC, the requirements are an unidentified region for several individuals in and out of the operating atmosphere.

‘Owing to the pivotal role they play in understanding occupational performance, the needs of the industry and of the employment market in terms of current and future training needs, designing and developing training that effectively shape Omani youth to the requirements of the working environment and their individual needs, the NOS have recently come into our lives in Oman,’ it mentioned.

Eventually, a fine-tuned atmosphere can lead to a understanding-primarily based society and additional financial improvement.

‘NOS are standards that indicate performance. To put it simply, NOS explain how a job is supposed to be performed, by including not only the knowledge required to perform in the role, but also outline the functions that need to be undertaken and the skills required to do so successfully and effectively, benchmarked against best practice.’

Essentially, NOS are place in spot for a number of factors, 1 of which is removing aggravation from someone’s job, each from the employee’s and the employer’s point of view. The cause is that 1 has a extremely clear image of what is anticipated of them and tends to make certain to fulfil the specifications of the certain function each and every time. Why is the function of NOS so basic in financial improvement? Because they supply the sector with a clear structure of what wants to be carried out. Therefore, they can make job roles much more productive.

‘OLC is committed in ensuring that the full utilisation of NOS is achieved in the sultanate.’

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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