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OFA holds annual meeting, welcomes new board member

OFA holds annual meeting, welcomes new board member

Welcoming him, Sheikha Hind Bahwan, Chairperson of OFA stated she was glad to have him as a board member saying that he will add fantastic worth to the association. The occasion was attended by H E Renaud Salins, Ambassador of France to Oman.

A presentation to inform OFA’s members about the board members, memberships, finances and events for the just-concluded 2018-19 was provided by Marie Eliçagaray, OFA Coordinator. “The number of members is growing since OFA’s creation in June 2016. Events are mobilising more people every time. Ten student memberships are offered for the period 2019-20. So every student interested in the French culture is most welcome to contact us on first come, first served basis. The calendar for the 2019-20 promises to be really exciting,” Marie stated.

Speaking to Muscat Daily
, Nailesh K Khimji, director, Khimji Ramdas and founding board member of OFA, stated, “What we are trying is to get Omanis and French work together with each other through showcasing what they do so that we can have cross-border interaction, be it tourism, business, travel, medical among many other things. We need to promote each other and we would love to see more French coming to Oman and many Omanis going to France.”

He added, “Our role is like a catalyst and we try to promote people-to-people exchanges from both the sides. One of our biggest achievements was that we brought in French bloggers to promote Oman. This has been a big success given the huge number of followers. This is one of many ways to promote Oman and at the same time we are doing so much to promote France in Oman. We will continue what we are doing.”

OFA is a non-profit association devoted to strengthen the Omani and French communities via implies of social, cultural and financial activities.

It aims to attract corporates, SMEs, non-government organisations, people and students to turn out to be members and actively participate in subjects of mutual interest in between the two nations.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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