Friday, 31 Mar 2023
OETC inaugurates RO97mn projects in North Batinah

OETC inaugurates RO97mn projects in North Batinah

The occasion was held below the patronage of H E Sheikh Muhanna bin Saif bin Salim al Lamki, Governor of North Batinah, in the presence of executive management of OETC and dignitaries from the neighborhood neighborhood.

These projects type component of OETC’s plans to boost and create the unified transmission network and transmit energy generated from the new generation station in Sohar to distinct governorates. The projects’ total price has reached about RO100mn.

The inauguration of these projects marks the completion of 400kV program in Sohar location implemented by means of 3 main projects namely:

• Construction of 3 400kV grid stations, 1 IPP3-three grid station in Sohar, the second Sohar Freezone grid station and third is Seih al Makarim grid station. This project entails installation of 48 400kV bays, six 400/220kV 500MVA transformers, and connected gear at a price of RO48mn and implemented more than a period of 28 months.

• Construction of 400kV underground cables and overhead lines from Sohar IPP3 to Sohar Freezone grid station consisting of 4 circuits of 10.907km of cables and five.630km of overhead lines at price of RO26mn and completed in 30 months.

• Construction of 400kV overhead line in between Sohar Freezone and Mahda GS and in between 400kV Sohar Freezone and 400kV SIS GS. This is a 95km overhead line constructed at a price of RO23mn.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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