Sunday, 2 Apr 2023
OCA unit screens more than 22,000 women in 10 years

OCA unit screens more than 22,000 women in 10 years

The unit aids women to detect early breast cancer threats and provides them proper guidance and reference of medics.

Dr Wahid al Kharusi, president of Oman Cancer Association, stated, “Since 2009, the unit worked tirelessly in the country to assist women, irrespective of nationality, to detect any problems. The early screening processes helped several counter and avoid much serious ailments. That is why early detection is necessary. Since 2009 we have screened 22,800 women with the mammography unit while until now 1,598 women have been screened in 2019. The unit is available during the whole year and it travels across the sultanate twice a year.”

With new units coming up, OCA plans to improve its employees and medical doctors.

Recently OCA signed an agreement with Oxy Oman to help its Dar al Hanan facility, which homes loved ones members of kid cancer sufferers.

Dr Kharusi added, “This is the fourth year that Oxy Oman is extending its help to us and we are grateful for their continuous support.”

He added that Oxy Oman has been assisting by paying the rent of the two villas that are getting employed for Dar al Hanan.

“Oxy Oman has also extended its support to our mammography unit. The unit screens women above 40 years of age for breast cancer threats,” Dr Kharusi added.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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