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Number of Indian workers in GCC drops: Indian Minister

Number of Indian workers in GCC drops: Indian Minister

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There has been a drop in immigration of Indian workers to GCC nations, the Ministry of External Affairs told the reduce residence (Lok Sabha) of the Indian Parliament final month. V K Singh, Minister of State of External Affairs, had mentioned, “As per the data captured in the e-Migrate system, the number of emigration clearances granted to Indian Emigration Check Required (ECR) passport holding workers going to Gulf countries for employment has come down compared to the corresponding number in the year 2015.” 

 According to the e-Migrate method, 53,332 workers came to Oman in 2017, whilst only 32,316 arrived till November 30, 2018. Similarly, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain registered a drop in the quantity of Indian workers seeking for possibilities. In the GCC states, Qatar registered an boost in the quantity of Indian workers owing to possibilities arising due to the 2022 World Cup building function. Singh cited numerous factors for the drop in the quantity of emigration clearance by means of the e-Migrate method. “Prominent among them is that the Gulf countries are passing through a period of economic slowdown primarily because of the slump in oil prices. Coupled with this, the Gulf countries are aiming at filling up maximum posts both in the public and private sectors with their own nationals,” Singh mentioned.

“Therefore, there has been a shortage in demand for foreign workers in these countries. Moreover, a large number of Indian nationals holding ECR passports reportedly travel to the Gulf countries on tourist visa and get their visas converted to employment visa, thereby bypassing the e-Migrate system. These numbers as well as the number of non-ECR passport holders going to the ECR countries for employment are not reflected in the e-Migrate emigration clearance data.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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