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Now, enjoy the beauty of sultanate’s marine life in semi-submersible vessel

Now, enjoy the beauty of sultanate’s marine life in semi-submersible vessel

A semi-submersible vessel operated by an Omani firm is the answer to the query.

Launched by Searush, it is the very first such tourism service to be launched anyplace in the nation. The firm organises every day excursions for snorkelling, kayaking and dolphin watching.

Speaking to Muscat Daily
, Hisham Hamood al Maskri, co-founder of Searush, mentioned, “I founded the organization with Karl Whelan.

“We are a water sports-based tourism company in Marina Bandar al Rowdha. We used to organise dolphin watching, sunset watching, sports fishing and dhow trips. Now, we have this semi-submersible vessel based in Bandar al Khairan for underwater activities. We do daily excursions to explore underwater marine life, snorkelling, kayaking, banana boat rides and organise fun days for tourists, schoolchildren and families.”

Maskari mentioned that this semi-submersible vessel is the very first-of-its-type service in Oman. “It gives you the opportunity to get a new perspective about Oman’s marine life. We are planning trips to the Damaniyat Islands when the whale shark season begins. It will be a unique experience for marine life lovers. We provide catering service and gourmet meals for big groups through our inhouse catering company. Our sister company The Bank Beach Club arranges fun days for groups.”

The vessel can accommodate 60 vacationers – 30 in the open location and the rest inside.

“Tourists are brought from Marina Bandar al Rowdha to Bandar al Khairan in speedboats. Trips are organised in two shifts – 10.30am to 1.30pm and 3pm to 6pm.”

He mentioned that Oman has such an incredible coastline, comprising pristine beaches and this beauty is hardly ever knowledgeable by guests. “We felt that there was a need for a more diverse and water-based activities.”

Maskari mentioned that the firm is registered with the Ministry of Tourism and other concerned authorities in Oman.

“Oman has been a seafaring nation. It gives a sense of belonging to experience our activities.”

Talking about the challenges, he mentioned, “Our biggest challenge now is to market our activities, among the general public, tourism companies both in Oman and abroad.”

Talking about the future, Maskari mentioned, “We are speaking with the Ministry of Tourism

to spread the word about our activities in the international tourist industry.

“We have great support from local tour operators, especially Zahara Tours who are always looking for a unique experience for their guests.”

For a lot more details and bookings, get in touch with the firm’s head on +968 90851049 or for a lot more specifics pay a visit to the website 

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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