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New lease of life: Association provides care for elderly with foster homes

New lease of life: Association gives take care of aged with foster houses

Speaking to Muscat Daily
, Jokha Mohammed Khamis al Farsi, head and founding father of Ihsan Association stated, “We started the initiative a few months ago and were successful in providing foster families for four elderly persons.”

Jokha defined how the initiative can be their means of educating the society to take care of the aged. “Our aim is to strengthen the bonds between members of the society and within families. Children need to understand the importance of caring for parents and assisting them during old age.”

Being with a household in outdated age is extra snug. “We provide alternative families for older people who have no children or relatives to care for. These foster families provide them all that they need from lodging, food to healthcare. We also cooperate with the Ministry of Social Development to help these families by paying for a helper and increasing the social security allowance for the elderly.”

Talking concerning the different companies supplied by the affiliation, she stated, “Our association also provides ambulance service to help the elderly and disabled reach hospitals for routine check-ups and other healthcare needs. We have provided 350 elderly persons access to hospitals in Muscat so far.”

Jokha additionally stresses on spreading the message deep into the society. “Be it schools, colleges, universities, mosques we plan to take the issue everywhere.”

Elaborating on a number of the different initiatives, Jokha stated the affiliation has additionally produced a film on Alzheimer’s. “We plan to launch a YouTube channel of our association. We are active on all social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. These are useful to reach a wider audience.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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