Tuesday, 21 Mar 2023
New energy-conserving device called scanner charger patented, says MoCI

New energy-conserving device called scanner charger patented, says MoCI

The device has been registered in the name of Taghreed bint Hamad bin Sulayem al Rahbiyah. The device seeks to convert the power generated each and every day in the classrooms when students and teachers wipe or scan the blackboard to a chemical power that can be stored in a battery.

Taghreed stated that the thought was conceived when she began pondering about the efforts produced by the students and teachers every day in the classroom although wiping or scanning the blackboard. “I thought that a device can be made that can be used for conserving the energy generated and storing it in a battery to be used later either for charging phones or for running other light electrical appliances that are used on a daily basis,” she stated.

Taghreed stated that the blackboard scanner has two generators which produces electric power for charging batteries. The generators create electrical existing although moving the duster or scanner moves in 1 path to stop reverse existing. The scanning charger has a battery charging circuit and a battery level indicator. In addition to this, there are two emergency lamps which light up when the red button is pressed.

When the red button is pressed it gets activated and can be utilized anyplace safely, Taghreed stated. “Electrical power can be generated naturally by just a friction as well as through renewable methods, by transforming kinetic energy to chemical energy. This energy can be stored in batteries to generate energy in a constant current.”

Underlining the value and advantages of utilizing such devices, Taghreed stated that the scanner charger is a price-successful invention that seeks to utilise power generated via every day chores.

The charger is also safer compared to other devices as it prevents harm to electrical appliance in the course of higher voltage. “It can also be a big help during power cuts,” added Taghreed.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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