Saturday, 25 Mar 2023
New Doha-Muscat ferry service to start soon

New Doha-Muscat ferry service to begin quickly

MV Grand Ferry
, that can carry up to 870 passengers and 670 automobiles, was not too long ago unveiled to the media in Qatar in the presence of Jassim Seif Ahmed al Sulaiti, Minister of Transport and Communications, Qatar.

Faisal al Sulaiti, spokesperson for MV Grand Ferry
, mentioned this would be the very first-of-its-sort ferry service in the Gulf. “We want to contribute to strengthening the relationship between countries by transporting more people. It has not been done in the Gulf before. It will be the first such service in the region.”

This comes following Oman and Qatar signed a pact in September 2017 to create logistics solutions, shipping and passenger ferry solutions.

Qatar Ports Management Company (Mwani Qatar) and Oman Global Logistics Group (Asyad) had signed a pact in the presence of Jassim al Sulaiti and Oman’s Minister of Transport and Communications H E Dr Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Salim al Futaisi in Doha.

The 145m-long MV Grand Ferry
, a roll-on/roll-off luxury vessel, will commence by connecting Qatar, Oman and Kuwait and is anticipated to be extended to Iran based on the demand. “The aim is to bring passengers, who often have limitations on other forms of transportation, to Kuwait and Oman, and even Iran, with their own cars.”

He expressed self-confidence that the venture will succeed as there is a massive demand for cruise tourism in the GCC industry. It will offer an alternate implies to travel inside the 3 nations. “We also have cargo to balance revenue and reduce running cost.”

According to officials, the travel time from Doha Port in Qatar to Oman is anticipated to be about 20-25 hours and the identical time throughout the return leg.

The France-produced ship has 237 rooms and boasts of facilities like a cinema hall, meeting rooms, restaurants, cafés and health-related facilities with physicians and nurses. In case of emergencies, there is also a facility for a helicopter to land on the vessel.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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