Thursday, 23 Mar 2023
Muttrah Fish Market gets free parking facility

Muttrah Fish Market gets free parking facility

“The facility is now open for use by customers, and traders operating from the fish market. As a result of this initiative the unpaved open space in front of the Muttrah Fish Market will be closed,” a Muscat Municipality official mentioned.

“The unpaved location utilized by vehicles earlier was not a appropriate choice.

“Now, this new paved parking lot behind the Muttrah Fish Market has a capacity of more than 100 vehicles,” he mentioned.

“The municipality has also created provision for fish traders to drain off excess water whilst transporting catch to the industry.

“The drainage facility will ensure that excess water from ice that is used when transporting catch does not leak in the parking area. This will help ensure cleanliness,” the official mentioned. “Earlier, excess water from fish transporting vehicles would leak onto the parking lot, thus making the place smelly. We have also built toilets for people visiting the market.” The unpaved parking lot will be closed as municipality has various plans for that region, he mentioned.

Situated at Muttrah’s harbour, a leading tourist attraction, the Muttrah Fish Market homes a rooftop restaurant in addition to a fish industry. The style exemplifies contextual regionalism, respecting each the conventional context and contemporary wants.

The curved wall reflects the radial shape of the corniche and bay region, and has light-filtering pierced decoration. The canopy’s kind was inspired by the sinuous flow of Arabic calligraphy, exploiting the play of light and shadow.

Its aluminium fins supply shade, all-natural ventilation and an ephemeral look that contrasts with the concrete structure under. Keeping in thoughts the shortage of parking spaces in the city locations, Muscat Municipality is also functioning towards building multi-level vehicle parking facilities to bring an finish to the difficulty.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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