Tuesday, 21 Mar 2023
Muscat University, Oman Logistics Center sign training, development pact

Muscat University, Oman Logistics Center sign training, development pact

The agreement will facilitate higher coordination in between the OLC and Muscat University, enabling cooperation across a variety of activities which includes, but not restricted to, instruction, continuing expert development, joint study, consultancy and student internships. The agreement was signed by Professor Yusra Mouzughi, vice chancellor of Muscat University, and Al Khattab al Maani, executive director of OLC.

Under the agreement, Muscat University’s Faculty of Transport and Logistics will create specialised instruction courses for workers of OLC, additional enhancing their understanding of the distinctive logistics atmosphere in Oman although also building the expertise required to thrive in the international logistics sector.

The two organisations will also function with each other to facilitate and coordinate joint study and advisory solutions as nicely as curriculum development to help the strategic path outlined by the national logistics technique.

In addition, Muscat University will commit to building its academic and international knowledge in the field of instruction and expert development by organising seminars, interactive academic courses and other ongoing development activities of interest to OLC. The agreement in between the two parties will also supply a variety of possibilities for Muscat University students to encounter a sensible functioning atmosphere and create their expertise by means of function-primarily based instruction in the business, thereby advertising very best practice in the logistics market.

Professor Yusra stated, “Muscat University is delighted to announce this essential strategic partnership with OLC, a partnership that will combine our strengths in instruction and development with OLC’s reputation for excellence in the logistics sector.

“Like OLC, Muscat University is committed to realising the promise of the SOLS 2040 programme, and we will seek to unlock and expand the sultanate’s logistics potential through targeted training and research programmes. By partnering with OLC, Muscat University will simultaneously develop the skills and expertise of students while strengthening our relationships with international organisations, driving research and development with the assistance of international logistics sector experts. We believe that this partnership between Muscat University and OLC will profoundly accelerate logistics sector innovation in Oman, allowing the sultanate to more effectively meet the challenges of the logistics sector, in line with the SOLS 2040 programme.”

Maani stated, “The logistics sector has lengthy played a essential part in the economy, serving as a vital enabler for organizations and also as a crucial employer of graduates getting into the workforce. The reality that the Faculty of Transport and Logistics at Muscat University retains the biggest quantity of undergraduate and postgraduate students of any division clearly shows that Oman is a nation of traders.

“The new partnership will help to ensure that the sultanate continues to build on its reputation for excellence in the logistics sector, fulfilling both the aims of the SOLS 2040 initiative and the aspirations of the Omani people.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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