Friday, 31 Mar 2023
Muscat University holds first graduation event

Muscat University holds initial graduation occasion

Wearing uniquely developed academic gowns, 5 trailblazing postgraduate students received their tough-earned MSc Finance and Management and MSc Management and Entrepreneurship degrees in the presence of distinguished founders, trustees and directors. A senior leadership delegation from companion institutions Cranfield University and Aston University in the United Kingdom also played an active component in the distinctive ceremony, which blended Omani culture and academic heritage with British university tradition.

Graduates of Muscat University received internationally-accredited awards from each Muscat University and from Cranfield University (postgraduate) or Aston University (undergraduate).

Muscat University, which launched in 2016, is pursuing an business-informed, study-wealthy mission which responds straight to the sultanate’s Vision 2040 objective of developing a very capable, globally engaged workforce, strongly aligned to the country’s quickest expanding industrial sectors.

Foundation programmes which lead to study in Oman or overseas are offered to give students higher-top quality preparation for bachelor’s study. Undergraduate degrees at Muscat University will also contain a year-lengthy business placement, escalating graduates’ probabilities of securing a job in their selected field.

Programmes at Muscat University contain Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Business, Finance and Entrepreneurship, Air Transport Management and Chemical Engineering.

Both Cranfield University and Aston University appreciate an outstanding international reputation for study, teaching top quality, graduate employment and enterprise engagement in these disciplines.

Professor Yusra Mouzughi, vice chancellor of Muscat University, stated, “Our first graduation ceremony is a source of immense pride for so many. For our founders, it represents the first realisation of their vision, delivering innovative, globally-minded and expert men and women contributing to the national development priorities of Oman and the wider world. For myself and my colleagues at Muscat University, and for our distinguished academic partners at Cranfield University, the achievement of our first master’s graduates represents a remarkable milestone.”

Professor Simon Pollard, pro-vice chancellor (International) and Gregor Douglas, Cranfield’s academic registrar, also provided warm congratulations.

Professor Pollard stated, “Cranfield colleagues, and especially the faculty team teaching in Oman, offer our heartfelt congratulations to the 2019 graduating class at Muscat University. Your MSc awards have the stamp of both prestigious institutions and we look forward to hearing of your successes as you move forward in your careers.”

The students who received their awards are Ibtihal Ghazi Abdullah al Zadjali (MSc Management and Entrepreneurship), Buthaina Qahtan Salim al Barwani (MSc Management and Entrepreneurship), Samah Anwar Abdullah al Asfoor (MSc Management and Entrepreneurship), Ali Zuhair Mohamed al Lawati (MSc Finance and Management) and Muatasim Ali Mohammed al Kindi (MSc Management and Entrepreneurship).

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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