Sunday, 2 Apr 2023
Muscat Municipality to introduce more features to its Baladiyeti application

Muscat Municipality to introduce much more functions to its Baladiyeti application

The civic physique intends to have much more and much more individuals use this app for transaction objective so that they do not have to throng the municipality premises for various solutions.

Already 32,633 customers are registered with the app.

In an emailed reply to Muscat Daily, the Department of IT stated, “Currently, Muscat Municipality is providing many critical services online, such as building permits and renewal of rent contracts and municipal licences, and car parking. One very important service coming soon is the no-objection certificate for excavation permits that should support contractor in getting excavation work approval from different entities via one online system.”

Technologies are often enhancing and progressing, and Muscat Municipality keeps discovering techniques to boost its solutions by implementing the most recent technologies.

“Therefore, there are plans to add many services in the Muscat Municipality app such as the new rent contract and new municipal licences; currently these services are available on renewals only,” the division stated.

“Employees can access their emails and files form everywhere with state-of-the-art security, Moreover, they can do HR related matters online such as applying for a leave and enquiring about the salary.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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