Saturday, 1 Apr 2023
Muscat International Airport to install drone detection system

Muscat International Airport to install drone detection system

Muscat International Airport will quickly have a state-of-the-art drone detection system.
It will be in a position to detect drones and other devices utilizing radio frequency, defending the surrounding locations of the airport such as the landing and takeoff runway.

Oman Airports on Sunday signed an agreement with the German firm Aaronia AG in partnership with R &amp N Khimji to install the drone detection system at the Muscat airport.
The agreement was signed by Sheikh Aimen bin Ahmed al Hosni, CEO of Oman Airports and Ramesh Khimji from Aaronia AG (Germany) in partnership with R &amp N Khimji.

Hosni mentioned, “We are pleased, at Oman Airports, as 1 of the subsidiaries of Oman Aviation Group, to be actively engaged in attracting planet-class cutting-edge technologies. We strive to attain the highest requirements of the most sophisticated international airports by demonstrating a firm commitment to uphold the highest requirements of safety, security, and operational efficiency in order to supply a protected and smooth travel expertise for all Oman airports’ customers.
“Today, in coordination with all our strategic partners, we are pleased to sign the introduction of this newest safety system consisting of the provide and installation of the Drone Detection System at Muscat International Airport, in cooperation with the German Company, Aaronia AG in partnership with R &amp N Khimji.”

He mentioned that this pact will assist Muscat airport to grow to be 1 of the top international airports equipped with the most sophisticated gear that enhances air navigation and contribute to protected landings and takeoffs. “This falls within our priorities to ensure the highest degree of safety for passengers and airlines using Oman’s airports.”



Hosni mentioned that the system can detect several drones and other devices at different frequencies simultaneously and comes equipped with sophisticated lengthy-variety cameras for further verification. “Aaronia has been working with high-end Radio Frequency (RF) and Microwave systems for over 15 years with all software and hardware being developed in Germany.”

He mentioned that drone detection in airports has grow to be a essential requirement with a number of situations causing disruption of solutions about the planet.
“We, at Oman Airports, seek to use the latest systems and technologies to ensure the highest standards of safety. The limitation of most systems using radar technology is that they cause interference with the existing airport systems and have a low detection rate. Aaronia’s unique solution, offered today at our airport, uses latest RF detection technologies and emits no signals, therefore cannot interfere with other systems running in our airports.”

With the procurement of the system, Muscat airport will be the very first international airport in the planet to use this technologies and have an operational drone detection system. “Drone is not a problem here but what we are trying to do is being proactive. This is a precautionary measure. We announced five years ago to be the best by 2020. What we are trying to do is get more services for our passengers. We are working hand-in-hand with all stakeholders.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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