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Musandam to get first water taxi service

Musandam to get very first water taxi service

Speaking exclusively to Muscat Daily, Raed bin Mohammed al Shehhi, chairman of OCCI’s branch in Musandam mentioned, “We call on firms to invest in this project which aims to develop tourism services in Musandam. Our goal is to provide a safe maritime transport and attract more tourists from within and outside the sultanate.”

He mentioned that OCCI has began the registration method for any person who desires to invest in this project. “However, there should be a serious desire on part of the investors to fund the project.”

The maritime taxi route will be from Khasab to Kumzar and pass via the villages of Khor Sham and Lima. “We cooperated with several bodies such as the Ministry of Transport and Communications to study the economic feasibility of the project. Oman Development Bank and Al Raffd Fund will provide technical support and funding for the project. Musandam Governor’s Office and OCCI in the Musandam governorate will supervise and market this project.”

Top priority to attract much more vacationers to Musandam: MoT

A senior official in the Ministry of Tourism (MoT) has mentioned that improve in visitor inflow to Musandam (about 250,000 in the very first nine months of 2018) is simply because of the presence of numerous tourism offerings in the wilayats of Khasab, Dibba, Bukha and Madha.

“The cruise tourism season started in October and 72 ships will be going to the Khasab port till May.

“These figures are a clear indication of the recognition of Musandam amongst vacationers. The complete tourism facilities in the governorate are a outcome of the agreements signed by the Ministry of Tourism with some nations such as Russia, Iran and India. Twenty-six travel and tour businesses are operating in the governorate.

“They organise trips for tourists from the Arab world, Europe, US, Asia and Canada. These companies also organise activities such as safaris and visits to historical sites and forts.”

The official mentioned that MoT is producing Musandam governorate a crucial in the sustainable tourism improvement method.

“This is in accordance with the Omani strategy for tourism as well as the comprehensive strategy for economic development, with the private sector as partners. Several plots in the governorate have been offered for tourism investments. Also, there are proposals to improve tourism offerings in the area as part of the diversification process.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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