Saturday, 25 Mar 2023
Municipality wraps bands on wrists to find lost children

Municipality wraps bands on wrists to locate lost kids

Municipality officials are encouraging parents to place wristbands on their children’s wrists containing make contact with particulars.

At a single of the entrance gates at Amerat Park, parents are observed hovering about a table, specifically in the course of weekends when there are considerably much more guests.

A municipality official diligently writes the mobile quantity of the parents and wraps the band about the child’s wrist.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, a municipality official on the festival grounds mentioned, “The band is created like a sticker as kids adore stickers and hand bands. If a kid is lost, our officials or even ROP officers can contact the mobile quantity written on the wristband. A two or 3 year old kid is barely in a position to speak. In such instances, it becomes tough to get the parents’ particulars.

“But why only a municipality or ROP officer, anyone who spots a lost child can do the same. Earlier, when children went astray and got lost, we had a tough time uniting them with their parents.”

Prajakta S, a mother going to the festival with her 3 year old kid, mentioned, “This is a good initiative. During weekends, when there is a rush of visitors, there are chances of children going missing in the crowd. Now with the band, I feel reassured.”

An Omani visitor mentioned, “Someone told me about this initiative As soon as I entered today [Friday], I ensured that all my three children had wristbands with my contact number. Now, I can enjoy the festival in peace.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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