Tuesday, 21 Mar 2023
Municipality ropes in students to safeguard environment

Municipality ropes in college students to safeguard setting

Muscat – 

With a view to unfold well being and environmental consciousness and to scale back adverse phenomena seen steadily in Muscat governorate, the Health Affairs and Community Partnership Department of Muscat Municipality carried out various consciousness programmes for college college students within the governorate.

The initiatives had been supposed to instil ethics and morals of sustaining the setting, well being and public properties into college students’ minds.

In one of many campaigns, an official from the Health Affairs and Community Partnership Department accompanied college students of Ahmed al Numan al Kaabi Basic School (5-10) in an inspection to a industrial centre within the wilayat of Seeb.

An consciousness dialogue was additionally applied in Hafs bin Asim School (10-12) holding dialogue classes on varied subjects together with preserving public hygiene and the setting and sustaining public utilities.

Such initiatives got here after the municipality resolution to contain college college students in combating adverse phenomena as they would be the new era dwelling in Muscat forward.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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