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Mufti Menk to address gatherings in Muscat

Mufti Menk to address gatherings in Muscat

The scholar is loved by millions across the globe who know him for his balanced method, deep information, wisdom and wit, and his coming to Muscat has produced excitement amongst the public. Organised by the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs (MARA), Mufti Menk’s lectures will concentrate on ‘Insights Into the Holy Quran’ on Thursday right away following Asr prayers at Sayyida Fatima bint Ali Mosque in Al Hail.

He will also participate in the fourth annual ‘Taaruf’ occasion organised by the Department of Introducing Islam to Non-Muslims in the holy month of Ramadan. This year he will provide a lecture at the Oman Convention &amp Exhibition Centre on Friday at four.30pm.

“The lectures come within a number of programmes and activities organised by the department of introducing Islam and cultural exchange in the Ifta Office during the holy month and also it is part of the programmes for non-Muslims in the holy month of Ramadan,” an official from MARA stated.

This is Mufti Menk’s second go to to Oman and he is as excited as the public right here. In a video message about his go to to Muscat, Mufti Menk stated, “On Thursday, I will be delivering open public lecture at Sayyida Fatima bint Ali Mosque and I am looking forward to seeing all of you and I am excited about it. On Friday, I will be delivering a talk about introducing Islam to people of other faiths at 4.30pm at the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre.”

In his final go to, Mufti Menk delivered 3 lectures at the Culture Centre of the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque final year exactly where much more than four,000 individuals attended every day of his lectures.

“When he came last year, I attended all the three-day sessions and still felt I hadn’t had enough and so I prayed that he comes back again. Now that he will be coming back, I am overexcited and prepared to attend and hear the word of Allah. Very good timing for a good guest, and mentor in our great month,” stated Fatmah al Naamani, a Muscat resident.

Many other individuals in Oman had been excited about his go to and stated they find out a lot from his lectures.

“It’s a great honour and privilege to have Mufti Menk with us in Oman especially in this holy month. I am looking forward to attending all his lectures and grabbing all the benefits. I have been waiting for this great opportunity because his talks are amazing, inspiring, motivating,” stated Saada Saeed.

“As young Muslim men when we attend such gatherings the main benefit we get is while listening to him there is this feeling of peace, tranquility and calmness. Him coming to Muscat again means a lot to us,” Hassan Mohammed stated. @shadadm

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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