Monday, 20 Mar 2023
MoTC announces fines for ships polluting Omani waters

MoTC announces fines for ships polluting Omani waters

The Ministerial Decision No 108/2019 stipulates a list of measures to stop pollution in Oman’s territorial waters. According to the selection, ship owners operating via Omani ports could face a fine of up to RO5,000 for polluting Omani waters.

‘A fine of RO300 would be imposed for enabling flammable or radioactive components to be brought into the port, without having appropriate storage, whilst other violations, such as truly causing a spill or neglecting to outfit the vessel with devices for handling harmful waste can invite a fine of up to RO5,000.

‘These fines can be doubled for repeat offences,’ the selection stated. According to the selection, a captain of a ship requirements to provide the waste on the ship to the port just before leaving. He could only preserve it if he can prove to the authority that the ship can safely shop the waste in order to shield its crew and the marine atmosphere.

The selection enables the authorities to monitor and inspect the waste containment facilities at the port.

Ships need to also show that they have appropriate security and waste-disposal gear required to stop pollution onboard the vessel when they enter Omani ports. If they do trigger a spillage of waste, the owners and captains will be held accountable.

It is prohibited to trigger any pollution whilst the ship is at the port or in territorial waters.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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