Sunday, 2 Apr 2023
MoT to promote adventure tourism activities, facilities in Musandam

MoT to market adventure tourism activities, facilities in Musandam

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Mohammad bin Abdullah al Dhahouri, assistant director of tourism administration in Musandam, stated, “The governorate is one of the most important destinations on the tourism map of the world. It is considered an important destination for tourists from many countries.”

He stated that the tourism sector in Musandam is witnessing great development. “The number of visitors in 2018 was 1,030,404. Of these 869,067 arrived via cruise ships and 132,704 stayed in hotels. Also, 28,633 visited castles and forts.”

Talking about strategic plans for tourism improvement in Musandam, he stated, “We seek to attract a lot of vacationers. The Ministry of Tourism has authorized the establishment of a quantity of hotels to accommodate the big quantity of vacationers. There are nine hotels in Musandam, some of which are situated in Khasab.

“The Ministry of Tourism is working with Omran on adventure tourism facilities such as mountain skiing and mountain biking trails in Musandam. MoT is participating in local and international exhibitions to promote the sultanate as an integrated tourist destination. We are also promoting Oman on all social media channels.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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